Ăœbersetzung aus der deutschen in die englische Sprache.
      Traduction de la langue française en langue anglaise.

Qualifications: staatlich geprüfter Übersetzer für Technik. Ehemaliger Dozent am Sprachen- und Dolmetscher-Institut, München.

Experience: Over 20 years freelance experience in translating for international magazines and the photographic industry.
Former photographer for the international art auction house Sotheby & Park Bennet Galleries.

Fields covered: Accessories, APS, artistic terms, audio-visual, autofocus, cameras ( 35mm, medium/ large format), Photo CD-ROM, colour calibration and management, colour systems and models (e.g., RGB, YMCB, Pantone, etc.) inkjet printers, colorimetry, computer graphics, digital imaging, DTP, duplicating, exposure metering, film emulsion technology, filtration, features in modern SLR and compact AF cameras, flash, graphics software, image editing and retouching programs, laboratory equipment and techniques, lenses, lighting, masking, optics, photochemistry, photomacrography, printers and printing, projection, scanning, studio equipment and techniques, tripods, etc.

How fast? Translations are returned, in order of speed, as E-mail, fax or normal mail (Windows diskette) from Southern France. Please ask for a quote.

E-mail: [email protected]   Fax: (033) 04 67 72 28 89

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  Updated: 5. May 2000